Thursday, 7 June 2012

It's like a penis, only bigger...

Today I led a chant of penis & vagina with a bunch of 80+ teachers.  Let me explain.  For my paid work, I promote health and wellbeing in schools and I had the pleasure of chatting to a whole school about being more confident to teach young people about sex.   
Part of being confident is being able to say the words out loud, without passing out in front of the students.  And we all know, practise makes perfect.  Some of the teachers were less than impressed when they realised I was serious about the chant.  I wish I'd recorded it for my blog.  And it got worse... 
One of the sex lessons for students in third year (who are 14...) is teaching them how to put a condom on properly.  Yes, teachers have to show giggling teenagers how to cover an erection safely.   For this purpose, I first have to show them, using a condom demonstrator.  That's code for a big blue rubber erection.  I would've included a picture of said rubber erection but I didn't want to be too graphic, too soon.  Use your imagination - it's like a penis, only bigger.   I've been doing this for many years and am virtually immune to embarrassment - just as well.
My favourite part of the day was a written comment from one of the staff, an overheard conversation between two 12 year olds who had just been doing their puberty lesson.

On discussing the female anatomy and the term vagina, one boy says to his chum.  "I think I saw one of those".  The other boy said "Wow, was it nice!"

I love my job :)

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