Sunday, 4 November 2012

A life less ordinary

I decided to start blogging for a number of reasons:
  1. I have a few chums who blog and I was always interested in their blog-chat.
  2. I am fascinated by the creative process but felt I had pretty much nothing artistic to contribute.  I wondered if blogging might be my foray into the art of writing.
  3. I don't mind admitting that for a while, I wanted to be a journalist/writer when I grew up.  
Imagine the technology existing that allows us to get involved creatively, without the need for publishers, money, like minded or sycophantic people with influence.  Once I convinced myself I would get my blog on, I thought about what I would write. Now that was the hard but interesting part. I began to think that what people choose to blog about kind of defines them - in as much as it's important enough for them to commit those thoughts and opinions to the blogosphere.  

I've been called lazy.  I prefer to think of it as reflective and contemplative.  I suppose it depends who you ask. When I started to consider what I think about during all of my "downtime" I realised it would be the perfect inspiration for my new blog.  I am fortunate enough to be a naturally positive person so I thought I would blog about the ordinary things that make me happy.  I also hoped other people, who might come across the blog, would start to reflect on the things in their own lives that make them happy.  Perhaps I would start a new movement...  I also thought it would give some justification to my procrastination - "yeah, I'm just reflecting on what has made me happy this week so I can share it with my blog chums." And I have a probably annoying habit of rating everything out of 10.  It makes sense to me.

A learned blogger said it's important to blog once a week @ least, in order to keep any potential readers hungry and interested. Well, I fell @ the first hurdle since my last blog entry was in July.  It's not that I haven't been counting my blessings and rating them out of 10.  It's just that I've not managed to share them with anyone other than my best chum. 

But today I found the headspace.  I wonder if it's because I'm spending the weekend on a Scottish island with a population of less than 100.  I'm in a beautiful place and have had plenty of time to consider what life and blogging are all about and the effect outside influences have on our ability to be happy.  If this was the view from my window every morning, would my life feel differently I wonder?

So.  I'm going to find the time every week to stop, reflect on what's made me happy and to tell you dear blog chums.  

As I write, one of my musical heroes, Paul Weller, is on telly, advertising his forthcoming programme from Abbey Road Studios.  I have a feeling I will blog about this in the coming weeks.  Music has always been a huge part of my life - a great companion, a source of much happiness and something that makes me smile and dance.  Two of my favourite things. 

A wonderful old guy called Terry Callier died this week.  He collaborated with Paul Weller you know.  But my favourite song of his is a Northern Soul classic.  This fills my heart with joy and my feet with the urge to move.  I'm now off to smile and dance...  Catch you next week. :) x

Weekends in Vatersay outof10 - 9.75

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