Sunday, 28 April 2013

Within touching distance...

I was at a party last night and spoke with someone who will soon be on the silver screen, appearing in a movie with Brad Pitt.  The real Brad Pitt!  Gosh, was I excited.  I'm delighted to report that he is as nice a guy as he appears to be, a fine actor in the raw and just as beautiful as he looks on screen.  We'll soon be able to see the movie for ourselves.

Ofcourse I spent some time last night and this morning reflecting on what it must be like to speak to someone so impressive.  And then I realised - I have.  
The party was being thrown for a family member who is about to move hundreds of miles away to set up home with a man whom she has slowly but surely fallen in love with over the last three years.  He is older, has two children of his own and travels the country with work.  I've always found her a quiet, mature, independent young woman who smiled as she told me last night -  I can't wait to start my new life.  But, if it doesn't work, I'll come back and start again.  I knew, as I've always known - She will be just fine.  How I admire her sense of self and her willingness to take the giant leap of faith to grab her happiness.
Whilst watching BBC Breakfast yesterday morning, another young woman stopped me in my tracks.  With just £6 in her purse and a toddler on her arm, she made her way to her local supermarket, knowing she would have to do her most creative shop yet if she were to feed them both for a week.  The rest is history.  Now a journalist on her local newspaper, I'm pretty sure this incredible young woman, Jack Monroe,  is about to become very famous indeed.  Her blog is an interesting read. 

I've been a young, struggling, single parent.  It wasn't easy.  But it wasn't the end.   Just like Jack - for me, it was the beginning.  
Life is full of inspirational, courageous, people.  I find taking the time to listen to them has a wonderful effect.  If just some of that rubs off on me,  my life will be much richer for it.
But this one's for Brad... 

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