Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Keeping my spirits high

My day felt tough today. At least it did as the clock ticked by.  I'm plate spinning at work and am easily distracted so I find sharing an office difficult at times. 

One of my office chums - a big man's man as it happens - but very perceptive, gave me a free hug this afternoon.  And it lasted for more than 6 seconds.  The time taken to establish genuineness apparently.  He instantly made me feel better. 

And I'm developing a bit of a crush on Jackson Browne.  Where has he been all my life?  I'm listening to him continually on my long commute and he makes me feel calm and grateful.  

My favourite song at the moment contains a great line, I wish I'd written 

"Let the music keep our spirits high" 

Here's the link

As my day draws to a close I've regained my perspective and know that, after a good night's sleep, tomorrow will be a better day. 

What would we do without music.  And hugs. 

Thank you Jackson for making my todayoutof10 an 8.2 x

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