Sunday, 8 November 2015

45. Saturday night's for dancing.

It's Saturday - an excuse for dancing, as if I needed one.

My mum and dad's chums all had kids roughly the same age so many weekends were spent in someone's bedroom, jacked up on fizzy pop and sweeties, playing all kinds of daft games, while the adults partied in the lounge (or living room as we called it then.)

I liked it best when the party was in our house. My dad would wheel the telly into our room and our entertainment was complete. Ofcourse, I always had one ear on what was happening amongst the adults. As the music and voices got louder, I would be intoxicated by the sounds from the main event.

My love of the heady mix of music and dancing was born on these nights. And these are two of the very best from the party playlist.  It would appear I'm fond of a bit of male falsetto.

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