Sunday, 8 November 2015

48. A ride home with gentleman Jim

When I was a wee girl, my Granda had a Reliant Regal. It was the three wheeled predecessor to the Reliant Robin, made famous by Rodney and Del Boy Trotter, with a moulded fiberglass seat in the back. My Granda put cushions in for our comfort, but, pre seat belts and individual seats, it was a fun, white knuckle ride home.

It also had an 8 track cassette player and nothing but a Jim Reeves cassette. Just as well my big brother and me absolutely loved Jim Reeves.

We'd sit in the back, sliding from side to side with sheer glee, shouting "Bimbo granda, play Bimbo" "Bimbo granda, please, please, please!"

This is one of my favourite songs. Ever.

And ofcourse, gentleman Jim had the voice of an angel.  If someone sang this to me, I'm pretty sure I'd fall in love with him on the spot.

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