Saturday, 7 November 2015

My Life in Music

On December 21st 2015, I'll celebrate my 50th birthday.  One of my chums had the terrific idea of posting her top 50 songs, one each day, as she counted down to her 50th birthday earlier this year.  
I could never choose a top 50.  I think I'd even struggle to choose a top squillion.  But it is a great idea.  So I'm taking the opportunity to chart my life so far - a blistering soundtrack that instantly connects me to a life well lived, filled with happy, happy memories.

I'll be making 50 posts between now and then.  Sometimes just one song.  Sometimes an A side and a B side.  Sometimes a few tracks from an album.  Sometimes an artist.  Sometimes a genre.  But every time, something that's a significant  part of my life in music. 

I hope you tune in and enjoy the ride.

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